University of Colorado at Boulder, BS
Large Center Director Certification
Bixby School since 2003

Bixby’s co-curricular program directly advances the school’s mission to “nurture children’s love of learning, as they discover their individual gifts and prepare to make meaningful contributions to their world.” The program develops community partnerships, classroom extensions, and parent engagement opportunities designed to engage students in creative learning experiences that spark their curiosity, develop their thinking and explore their identities.  Additionally, this program organizes learning and experiences around diversity, equity, justice, and belonging through authentic experiences with our community, faculty and students.

I firmly believe a child’s place is in the community, and when children are engaging in activities where they can demonstrate their knowledge and make connections to their classroom this increases the depth of their learning and passions, and we have fun doing it! When I am not at Bixby, I enjoy riding my horse, gardening, cooking, hiking, running, reading, and spending time with my loved ones and dog “Cowboy.”