The Ohio State University BS
Bixby School since 2023

Bixby’s Auxiliary Programs Coordinator advances the school’s mission to provide meaningful care and support in the before/after carer and summer settings. The program provides: guided activities in response to children’s interests, free time to play alone, with others, and in small multi-age groups (divided into preschool and elementary program groupings), plenty of outside time, and time to move, play and enjoy some of our very own Bixby games, trained professionals and educators who work with our children year-round, and drop-in options are available during the academic year.

I am passionate about giving students experience to explore and enjoy the world they live in while making friends along the way. In my free time, I am always outside running, biking, or climbing. Additionally, I love a good movie on the couch cuddled up with my dog Massie and cat Grizzy.