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Bixby’s ACIS Accreditation

On January 19th, the Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS) Board approved Bixby School’s application for accreditation.  We are so proud! For the past several years, our trustees, faculty and staff have contributed countless hours towards the accreditation process. The ACIS decision affirms the quality and integrity of this collective effort. As I reflect on the accreditation process, I am struck by how it mirrors our school’s instructional philosophy.  Pursuing accreditation requires us to increase self-awareness, build from our strengths, and articulate our values and dreams.  Just like the daily teaching and learning in our classrooms, we are intrinsically motivated to be the best version of ourselves, not simply checking the boxes of someone else’s expectations.  Also, like our school, standards of excellence are referenced and satisfied, but they are not the destination.  We emerged from the process ready to tackle whatever challenges and opportunities lie ahead with confidence.

It was particularly gratifying to be commended for the things that matter most to us: 

  • Culture and climate: characterized by teacher-student solid relationships, positive interactions, kindness, and inclusion, and a truly joyful and energetic climate. 
  • Delivering on the Bixby Mission: The students and alumni with whom the ACIS team met are evidence that the education Bixby provides is living up to its goals. 
  • Unique Program: Bixby School offers an experience that is” distinctive from all other schools.