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Igniting Our Imaginations Playing Dress-Up

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Dressing up in preschool doesn’t always involve fancy fabrics and costumes. I mean, who doesn’t love shiny necklaces to wear and bags to carry them in? The children’s imaginations have been soaring with ideas as they discuss life events they’ve witnessed. Their play starts by imitating their parents, siblings, community helpers and animals.

In the dress up room, the girls engaged in family play where they took trips to school, the grocery store, and home for eating and sleeping. When the beads were collected back into the basket and wooden sticks or “wands” were available, the children made spaghetti together adding all the ingredients and extra sauce! They were stirring, stirring, stirring, until it was cool enough for all of them to eat. Another day in preschool we pulled these beads and purses into the main room where other activities were presented on the tables. Children began adding items fro around the room into their play. Bags and purses were loaded with wooden stars, magnet letters, and supplies from the kitchen set. Chairs were moved into seats forming a bus and they headed out with all their supplies to save the other friends in the room. I can’t wait to see what adventure they have planned next!

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