Inside Preschool With Emily

IMG_0537On Tuesday mornings at 11:00 am, the Preschoolers have their own time with our Interim Head of School, John Suitor. John comes in for storytelling time, and shares a real story from his childhood with the children. Once he is finished, the children are able to get up individually and tell a story to the group. Before they begin, John always asks them, “Is this story a pretend story or the truth?” This activity promotes many different areas of growth such as confidence building, learning how to speak in front of a group, and listening to other classmates stories and ideas.






The children look forward to this special time in our week and come running into the music room to greet him. Graham said, “I like about John how good his stories are, and they make me happy.” “Both stories were about two babies and their mom” said Sonja. Erika and Payal noticed that both stories were about different animals: “One story was about a skunk, the other was about a porcupine!”