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Playing Together

IMG_0981With every new day, children are growing and becoming more knowledgeable about themselves and the world around them. New interests and talents are sparking, children are building stronger friendships with one another, questions and jokes are becoming more popular, and they still have energy for more!

IMG_0938With all this energy, many activities are happening around the classroom, keeping children learning and experiencing new opportunities. Recently, I observed some simple moments of children playing together. I couldn’t help but see a great deal of growth within their relaxed play.

Our Bixby Preschoolers are learning how to share, take turns, be patient, use words, and play together. These are some of the things that they have been practicing without even knowing they are working on it.

IMG_0956In the sandbox making chicken beans for dinner and a strawberry shortcake desert, the girls communicate back and forth on who is to add what ingredient. They take turns sharing the spoon to stir and swap buckets for pouring. They then present me with delicious plates of dirt, or pretend food. Children’s imaginations are amazing!

IMG_0998On the other side of the sandbox, another group of children worked together to make birthday cakes and pie. With a lot of help from Max A. gathering dirt for the plates, and finding sifters and pots, the girls were able to have a fun party with delicious desert!