Science Inside and Outside the Kindergarten Classroom

Nothing thrills a teacher more than hearing your kids get really excited about a project. Children absolutely love science! When children are engaged in science, there are no disruptions because they are so busy exploring. Hands on science and inquiry allow students’ questions and curiosities to drive curriculum. This week was full of excitement!

Chick Eggs

The chick eggs have arrived in the kindergarten classroom! They have been in the incubator for 12 days and should begin to hatch around April 26th. The Kinders are extremely excited! Kathy taught us how to candle the eggs. We actually got to see the embryo moving inside the egg!

P1180956                                           P1180957

Owl Pellet

We dissected a Great Horned owl pellet. The kids were both amazed and grossed out at the same time. They were really engaged and thrilled every time we identified a bone. The major components of the pellet were 2 skulls (mice or voles), pelvic bones, femurs and a variety of other bones.

P1180972                                           P1180974

Bridgewalk Pond

What an awe-inspiring visit to Bridgewalk Pond this week. Kudos to the kindergarteners for entering the pond silently (we have been practicing for months). Finally, we got to see three muskrats for the first time this year! We also listened to the song of the Red-Winged Black Bird. The students were ecstatic to go back to the classroom to record and write about their findings. Children who are often exposed to natural settings improve their capacity to focus and enhance their cognitive abilities.

P1180926                                           P1180928