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A Kindergarten Winter

IMG_7947Winter has brought a lot of fun and joy to the 2016 Kindergarten class of Bixby. Getting decked-out in winter garb is a necessary daily precursor to exploring the chilly outdoors and we have been improving our dressing time dramatically. Each day we get an opportunity to play outside in the Pre/K Yard. The pirate ship, swings, and sandbox have been transformed by snow time and again. Each stage of the snow has new properties bringing new ways to play. In the powder we made snow angels and examined rabbit scat. As the snow “stuck” around, we had the opportunity to do an exciting round of sledding with a bit of fairy house building. And with the melting and re-freezing we began using wood blocks to do some much-needed ice chipping on the stairs (with safety googles!) while also building and shaping a small burrow for the squirrels (so admired by our Kindergarten class).

IMG_8153           IMG_8262         IMG_7957

IMG_8156So, while I internally lamented the long stay of this last snow, the kids have found countless ways to enjoy this snow each day, for the many days it stuck around. Enjoy these few snapshots of our winter snow adventures!