Hello! I am Beth, born in Pueblo, Colorado, raised by artists in Boulder. My interest in gardening as an integral part of a formal education grew when I first entered my teaching career. I had recently graduated from San Diego State with a Teaching Credential and degree in Liberal Studies for Educators and began working with a kindergarten group at a school where students ranging in age from 5-12 met once a week and engaged in activities. It was daunting to me, a new teacher at the time. However, this is when the beauty of gardening, and gardening’s ability to engage people of a range of ages and interests, bloomed in my life. We began working in the school garden, and our multi-age class became an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for us all- older students teaching their younger peers, the kindergarten-age children sharing keen observations and laughter, all of us enjoying the outdoors. Since then, I have tended my personal gardens from Santa Cruz, California, to Chiapas, Mexico, and upon returning to Colorado, I started a small gardening business based in Denver. Seeking a sustainable food community, I interned with a farm in Niwot and volunteered with Frontline Farming in Denver, where I gained valuable knowledge and made lasting connections. I am happy to be back at Bixby as I taught preschool here in 2018, and as a child, I attended Bixby kindergarten. My inspirations are the environment, people, and making connections to nature, community, the world.