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Building Community

Bixby School Art

Over twenty years ago, I came to Bixby to interview for a job as an art teacher. As I rode my bike across Boulder during my lunch break I was unsure that as a studio/production artist, my qualifications and experience would be what they were looking for. Well as it turned out, “they” were Pat and Bart and any question about my qualifications were put to rest with the assurance that if I really wanted to teach and create art with kids, I would be supported in every way. The support I received those first few years was just phenomenal and it continues to this day in so many different ways. A strong community is essential to help people reach their potential and become better human beings to develop a peaceful and progressive society.

Bixby School ArtWe’ve done some real fun community building events this year from our Jeff and Paige concert to our wonderful Bixby Auction. John has started the Friday assemblies where we recognize students, sing and chant! We’ve had work days and will continue to have more work days for those that love or missed them. This past Saturday was one of my favorite; painting!

I’m not a painter and I immediately felt some of the same fear and trepidation I felt while peddling toward my first meeting with Pat, but this time it was Cindy and Kitty telling me not to worry. Well again, that Bixby magic happened and any hesitation went out the door. We painted together for over two and a half hours while talking, experimenting, noticing how our paintings often looked better from a distance… (except Jon’s, he really is a painter) all the while experiencing something together that you just can’t get unless you trust, care and love the people you choose to be around; community. Another great bonus, I made a great painting to hang in my bathroom closet.