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Float Like A Pumpkin?

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Sinking and floating are essential skills for new swimmers. Different techniques that we work on in Bixby’s pool include, floating on our bellies, backs, and across the pool. For Halloween, the preschool teachers and I brought a couple of pumpkins down to the pool to incorporate the fall season into our learning and to have some fun with the kids. Before we put the pumpkins in the water, we asked the children to guess if they thought the pumpkins would float or sink. There were many guesses. Some thought they would float and some thought they would sink because they were just too heavy. Then we threw the pumpkins in the water and, to the surprise of many of the students, they floated! The teachers and I explained to them that despite their weight and size, the pumpkins held enough air to keep them afloat. Afterwards, the kids took turns playing with them, pushing them around, and riding them. It was another great day in the pool!


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