Inside After School With Lexie

IMG_7204It is hard to believe that October is here! The After School program made its transition from summer to school’s start and now to fall! The turn towards fall has us all excited. Our pumpkin Gus is ever-increasingly a sight to behold and bestow the whimsy of the changing season. The falling leaves and beautiful colors are going to provide the perfect inspiration and materials for some fall-themed crafts. We made scarecrows this week and things will get more and more Halloween-y before taking a turn towards the turkeys. Prepare for a slight increase in face-painted kids as we get our heads in the costume-game and decide what we’ll all be for Halloween.

IMG_7160Magnatiles abound in our after school program on many an afternoon. Their popularity is undeniable, but what I love most is their ability to bring kids across grades together in a united and creative effort. This team-building atmosphere is something we work to foster, especially in a program with kids ranging in ages from 5 to 11.

We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to play outside almost every afternoon with the beautiful Colorado weather. I enjoy every opportunity to supervise the sports field, sport court, and sandbox as our Bixby boys and girls of all ages traverse both the physical and social terrain. Time-travel is a favorite alongside a leisurely game of cats. Yesterday, the amphitheater became a live television with many channels full of hilarity. Note: the volume button on my remote was a bit faulty.

IMG_7207While the cold weather will bring us indoors, it will not stifle the creative and fun-loving spirit of the after school community. Today we learned that penguins endure over 3 months without sunlight. So, I think we’ll be just fine. Bring in the penguin crafts and tiny animals in scarves and we’re set.

Looking forward to some beading, cooking, and clay modeling in the near future! Happy October!