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Pumpkins, Ghosts and Bats! Oh My!

goardsIt is almost the end of October and we’re making pumpkins again. It never ceases to amaze me the different combinations of faces, accessories, and ailments that our pumpkins end up with. Each are unique and different as the students themselves.

John pointed out today, and I have to agree, the art room is a bit of an oasis in that kids can come here and create what they want. Sure there are goals and expectations, but with an average of 6 kids in a class, those expectations can be adjusted so that everyone is working to their potential and creating successfully.

IMG_2362Our lesson today was a repeat of one we had last week on symmetry and how it relates to ourselves and our pumpkins. The great thing about repeating a lesson, is that I can present it in a slightly different manner that reinforces what they have already learned. Last week it was multiple steps explained, written on the board, and we did the basic steps together. It may seem elementary, drawing and cutting, but visualizing and successfully manipulating different types of scissors and keeping track of more than three steps in a busy room can be hard work!

This week, it was a ghost instead of a pumpkin; less steps written on the board and one quick demo. Each and every student was successful in getting their own supplies, following directions on the board and completing the assignment. Maybe it wasn’t the most taxing or difficult assignment they had today, but it was a home run for every student in that class and we also had 45 minutes of pure fun.

Watch our 2nd grade class is super speed below!