Why Is Wednesday The Best Day At Bixby Preschool?

Ask the kids and they will respond with a hardy “Gym!” response. While developing body and spacial awareness and refining their emerging skills, they are having FUN! I hope this will lead to a life full of physical fitness.
100_2703Bixby preschool does an excellent job of teaching kids valuable healthy habits such as hand washing, eating nutritious foods, and the importance of rest. Gym time teaches the importance of physical activity and fitness at at time where little ones love to explore new ways of using their bodies. Motor skills don’t just happen, they are developed through practice. In the gym, preschoolers have the opportunities, through a wide variety of activities, to practice locomotive skills, weight transfer, and build strength and balance as well as social skills.
Each week, I create a new lesson plan using a mixture of new and familiar movements. The excitement builds as soon as they walk into the room and see the new colorful mats, challenging balance beams, various balls, and lots of room to jump and run. We start by practicing their listening and watching skills during a brief explanation and demonstration of the skills of the day. Then they are then free to explore and practice these skills at their own pace and at their own level. We often finish with a game to develop a sense of fair play and cooperation. Everyone leaves energized and ready to come back next week!!
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