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6 Myths about Bixby School

Myth 1: We cannot afford private school!
Truth: Bixby School has a strong commitment to making our program accessible to as many families as possible through graduated tuition support and scholarships.

Myth 2: We are not a typical Bixby Family!
Truth: Our school is a dynamic community with families from many backgrounds.

Myth 3: My child is not a typical Bixby student!
Truth: Our students are naturally curious, engaged, and ready to experience the joy of learning.

Myth 4: A small school does not prepare my child for middle school and beyond.
Truth: Our students have consistently thrived in a variety of our public and independent school settings. 4 decades and over 700 alumni are an impressive track record.

Myth 5: It is too late to change school!
Truth: Any day is a great day to start at Bixby School from preschool age 2.5. through our 5th grade elementary program.

Myth 6: My child won’t like it!
Truth: What is not to like? A beautiful campus, stellar faculty, rich academics, a welcoming community, and swimming as part of the school day!

For more information and a private campus tour, please contact: and explore our website, Facebook and blog!