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Film Fest!

Last year, Bixby hosted its first Film Fest, complete with a red carpet and an introduction from Pixar’s Visual Effects Supervisor and Bixby Alum, Danielle Feinberg. 

This November, our 3rd-5th grade students will showcase the stop motion animation pieces they have been working on in their science classes. 

What is Stop Motion Animation? 

Stop-motion animation is a type of animation that captures an object moving from one frame at a time. Once the frames are combined, it creates the illusion of movement, creating a film. 

What do the students create in their stop-motion animation? 

Our students create stories and stop-motion animation films based on our science curriculum, including the animal food chain, photosynthesis, and space exploration. The films include beloved characters like Farmer Jon, chickens going to the moon, foxes, hawks, and insects passing on their energy and molecules transforming in a plant cell! 

Why Film Fest? 

Film Fest was created to showcase Bixby’s student-led, hands-on learning in our Science classroom. It is also a fun way to come together as a community to celebrate our student’s work.