Our Favorite Guest Speakers At Bixby…The Furry Ones!


When studying anything, it is always exciting to get first hand information from experts. Bixby teachers are always looking for interesting speakers, field trips, and demonstrations to enhance your students learning. I would like to give special thanks to Connie for having the idea to arrange this visit. When learning about a topic in school, it can be easy to forget that there are real life connections all around us!

12187678_1087614514594659_6002029213592888450_nMost recently, 2nd and 3rd graders were lucky enough to have the Therapy Dogs of Boulder County visit our school. As 2nd graders study interspecies communication in Reading Class, and 3rd graders finish up essays comparing pets and people in Writing Class, the Therapy Dogs visit made a wonderful extension to their studies. The speakers taught students how to properly approach a new dog without intimidating or frightening them. They also discussed the importance of what they do and the ways in which therapy dogs help lift the spirits of patients. During the presentation, students helped demonstrate what a therapy dog visit is like. The Therapy Dogs of Boulder Country enlightened us to the many ways in which dogs can communicate with people and how in touch they can be with human emotions. Of course, everyone’s favorite part was actually interacting with the dogs. Students loved experiencing for themselves how meeting and petting a friendly dog can put a smile on your face.

12065950_1087614571261320_772374750795966892_nWe greatly appreciate that the Therapy Dogs of Boulder County took the time to visit our school and educate our students about their organization. Finding a local program made this visit all the more meaningful. Students were able to see that the topics they learn about in school apply to real people, and real organizations that are just around the corner.