Reading Comprehension With Connie

IMG_2317Reading is most meaningful and enjoyable when the reader connects to the text. Students are encouraged to be active readers as they interact with books naturally, through open-ended questions, and various comprehension exercises designed to connect the text to self, other books, or something in the community or world. Group reading selections are tailored to each class, so a variety of books and projects are underway.


Mixed second and third grade classes are completing The Tiger Rising or Hate that Cat. Books are linked to specific projects or curriculum such as shoebox suitcases to store not-thoughts and wishes like the main character in The Tiger Rising, or the poetry unit in Writing for Hate that Cat. Soon students will begin making pet magazines that will extend beyond their reading comprehension exercises to include an article on anthropomorphizing animals (as we partner with Writing class), some non-fiction information, and more.






IMG_2322Second graders have recently completed class plot murals. They discussed the important parts of the story and determined the order as they lined up to draw and write about specific parts of the story. This project lays the foundation for independently written plot summaries in various forms.

IMG_2325First graders have been listening to picture books to identify the main message of the story, along with who, what, where, when, why, or how questions, as they learn to summarize and discuss books orally. Some books that have been read are: The Mixed-up Chameleon, Enemy Pie, and Officer Buckle and Gloria. They are currently enjoying Where the Wild Things Are and had spirited opinions and alternate suggestions to Max being sent to his room without supper. Like Max, they are making crowns to wear. And, in Music, they are singing “Wild Thing” as a companion activity for this book. Watch them here!

??????????????????????Next month, first grade classes will begin a collaborative unit on Ancient Egypt. In preparation for it, you may want to consider taking your child to the Boulder Public Library to see an exhibit and to do select activities on the Beginnings of Eternity: Ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom. It will serve as a sneak preview for some of the things they will be learning and doing at Bixby. Click here for more information.

Fall narrative reports will be sent to your homes later this month, but please feel free to stop by or contact me at to set up a time to talk about your child’s progress in reading if would you like.