The Fifth Grade Play

IMG_2972The Fifth Grade Play is an exhilarating Bixby tradition that’s existed as long as I can remember – literally. I remember watching the fifth graders perform it every May as we ascended through Bixby, wondering if our class could ever put together such a grand production. I remember marveling at the maturity of those fifth grade actors. I remember the buzz of excitement in the gym, which had been transformed into outer space, Sesame Street, or a kingdom at the bottom of the sea.

I remember the excitement of collaboration, of sifting through our overflowing ideas for the best nuggets. I remember writing our lines, memorizing them and our cues, making the sets and props in the art room. I remember the hours and hours of practice. I remember the nervous excitement as the play approached, the fear that something would go horribly wrong, and the electricity in the gym as we walked on stage. I remember the glorious pleasure of hearing our parents giggle at the jokes we’d created. I remember a deep satisfaction and camaraderie when we bowed at the end, knowing we’d created something together, something wonderful, from scratch.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to work on the Fifth Grade Play as a teacher for the last three years, cultivating the immense creativity bursting from the Fifth Graders into a production they can share with Bixby and their parents. Danielle and I have served merely as scaffolds for the imaginative canvas the Fifth Grade has painted over these last few months. Everything in the Play – the plot, characters, lines, costumes, sets, and props – has been created by the students. Our school performance will be Thursday at 2:30, with Fifth Graders returning at 5:45 with their families for our evening performance. I’m looking forward to that nervy, thrilling buzz in the gym Thursday afternoon and evening.


*Pictures from the performance coming soon!