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What a pleasure it was to see our Bixby preschoolers mesmerized by these earth friendly creatures! In celebration of Earth Day, Bixby’s preschool and kindergarten classes were fortunate enough to be a part of a presentation put on by Growing Gardens! Not to my surprise, many of the Bixby children knew a great deal about worms already. Our school has greatly supported garden to table methods with the children using the vast span of flourishing, healthy vegetables, fruits, and herbs from our gardens. This presentation helped connect the children to the base foundation of why worms play such an important part in the environment and with our food.

The Growing Gardens did such a lovely job incorporating the children in the circle conversation and sharing detailed, visual diagrams about the Vermi-compost Cycle and parts of a Red Wiggler worms. The children stayed interactive and asked many questions during the informational part of the lesson and were hands on in buckets of dirt during the exploration time. The dirt came straight from Growing Gardens very own peace gardens and it was so fun to dig in! Inside that buckets children and teachers used magnifying glasses, bare hands, and owl eyes to find not only worms but also eggs, worm castings and millipedes!

Having community partners and our parent volunteers join Bixby to share aspects so connected with our school was truly a pleasure. The children are still talking about the worms! Visit to find out more about what they do and opportunities they’re providing to the community.

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