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Bixby Fitness Tests

This fall, Sports classes participated in our Bixby specific fitness tests. Using our unique surroundings such as lower yard and Tantra Park, we worked on measuring agility, core strength, endurance, power, and balance in a fun and interesting way. Here is a brief explanation of the tests:

Agility Course – The student attempts to cover this indoor course as fast as possible. The obstacle course consists of long jump, balance beam, hop-scotch, sprinting around barrels, leaping, and stopping abruptly with a gentle touch on the wall.





100_2523Hanging Ball Hold – This difficult activity challenges core and grip strength. Hanging from a bar in lower yard, in a tucked position, the student attempts to hold a light ball on top of their knees for as long as possible.



Tantra Hill Run – After a 1/2 walk/run to the nearby park, students run up the hill at full speed. This short, but steep hill challenges muscular endurance as well as confidence.


FullSizeRenderVertical Jump – After measuring a student’s standing reach, he or she jumps as high as they can from a stand. This is a good measure of explosive power and fast twitch muscle tone.


FullSizeRender(1)Standing Balance – Standing on one foot on a wobble disc with eyes open, the student is timed how long he/she can hold the position until balance is lost and the opposite foot touches the ground. As an added challenge, eyes are closed after two minutes!


My goal was for the kids to develop a better understanding about their own strengths and weakness. Poor results merely show us where we need to improve. I stressed the importance of trying your best and pushing yourself a bit beyond your comfort level. We often can do more than we realize!

Each child’s results along with a chart of grade and school averages and records will be added to their individual portfolio. Look for another copy in this week’s Friday folders.