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Inside Sports With Nifer

IMG_2266Sports classes have been enjoying the awesome warm fall weather. Our 3 basic rules ensure the kids are dressed for activity, practicing good sportsmanship, teamwork, and having a positive attitude.


IMG_2262Sports class is more than just fun; we also work on body control and developing successful strategies. This past week’s lesson plan included a game perfect for our beautiful sports field, Hide N Seek Ball Tag. Students run and hide in the bushes and behind trees while the “It” counts to thirty. The “It” then has 1 minute for reconnaissance, looking for hidden students, and developing their strategy. Do they chase students down or do they guard “Base”? The hidden students practice quiet and stillness. When the whistle blows, the action begins. The “It” attempts to tag as many students as possible as they try to sprint to “Base”. All students are working on developing self-control, and the balance between movement and motion.





Thrill of the chase and joy of achievement are just a bonus of students moving their bodies! In the coming weeks, we will start Fitness Testing, a great opportunity for students to push themselves to do their best. Let’s hope this wonderful weather continues.