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Earth Day, Everyday


Earth Day in the Preschool was yet another reason to get out and enjoy our amazing outdoor classroom that we value so highly. This year, Earth Day coincided with our Group Time day in the Preschool. Each group took advantage and celebrated with the children while encouraging deeper connections to this amazing planet we call home.

IMG_6930Our youngest group, The Rainbow Fish, read Eric Carle’s “The Tiny Seed”. This is the story of a little seed that weathers the elements on the path to becoming a seedling. Many analogies surface throughout the story depicting how all living things persevere through challenges throughout their life. After reading the book, the young gardeners proceeded to the preschool yard to plant sunflower seeds in various locations. IMG_6966Will the seeds survive the birds, weather and children playing out in the yard?  As we continue this long-term project we will explore concepts learned in this story and provide relevant activities that support growth in the areas of Science, Math and Social-Emotional development. The anticipation of tall flowers adorning the yard has already got these children longing for warm summer days.

Post Earth Day left me pondering our relationships to nature in the age of technological advancement. As technology continues to saturate our daily routines, there is an urgency to create balance, especially during the formative years of brain development. Our collective goal in the preschool is to provide that balance by presenting authentic ways for the children to interact with the magnificence of their natural world.  We are fortunate to have such a unique campus to support this goal at Bixby.

As I searched about connections in nature with children, this article popped up. By having trees, grass, gardens, wooden structures and numerous natural spaces for children to explore independently, we can set the stage for a healthy life long relationship with our natural world.

Perspectives from the youngest children in the preschool;

How do you celebrate and care for our planet?

“Planting flowers”

“Going to the Moon”

“Having Trees”

“Make Art”

“Riding a Train”

What happens outside in the spring?

“Flowers grow up”

“Worms come in spring time”

“Snakes come out”

“It rains”

“The trees get flowers on them”

“Flowers grow in the garden”