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Hide-N-Seek Everybody’s It Ball Tag

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While traditional physical education focuses on skill development such as catching, throwing, and dribbling a ball, here in Bixby Sports classes we add the strategic thinking. Physical skills are important, but executive function is super important too! Imagine the joy of playing Hide-N-Seek, working on maintaining stillness, and being aware of where others are hiding too. Now add playing Ball Tag, where you need to throw a ball at a moving target while running yourself. Put them together and you now have Bixby’s newest game, Hide-N-Seek Everybody’s It Ball Tag. The goal is to tag all your opponents while hiding and running around our beautiful sports field. The levels of fun and strategy are endless. Do you hide in a very secret spot? Or do you hide in a central location so no one can sneak up on you? Do you stay hidden or do you attack first to try to eliminate your opponents? What do you do if your throw goes wild and you have no ball to tag with? What do you do if you find a loose ball?

If tagged, you head to base – where you can watch and plan your next move. When “jailbreak” is called you can re-enter into the game. Do you see a loose ball that you can grab? When re-entering do you go and hide? Or do you try to catch a throw to gain control of a ball? So many options -all while having fun exercising our bodies and our brains!

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