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Paper, Where Would We Be Without It?

IMG_3171We spend most of our time in art doing something with paper; cutting, folding, taping, gluing, and occasionally crumpling it up and starting over. While the first graders were making cat mummies in conjunction with a great unit on Egypt, thanks to Colleen and Connie, the other students were learning the basics of folding, reversing folds and the many ways paper can be frustrating!

After a little talk of planes and angles, precision cutting and reversing folds; we set into IMG_3172turning a flat piece of paper into something three dimensional. It was a lot of fun to see what the kids came up with! Look in the lunch room as they get strung up for all to see. This is all leading up to a unit on origami and making paper. Origami is great for teaching step by step directions, fine motor skills and patience. Making paper is great because like I started out saying, we use a lot of it!