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Spanish Is All Around Us!

bienSpanish is all around us, is the topic for third, fourth and fifth grades for the coming month of November.

Besides learning Spanish grammar and vocabulary, we believe that it is essential for the students to understand the importance of learning a second language. In November, students will take the time to find Spanish words in their homes, on the street, and in stores.salida

Children will also discover how many cities and town names in Colorado are of Spanish origin. For example, did you know that Colorado means red in Spanish? Or that the town Salida means exit in Spanish?

Parallel to these activities, children will continue learning the language. In order to address the needs of each individual child, as is Bixby’s policy, I will continue meeting with your children in small groups, twice a week, for 45 minutes. We put extra care in assuring that each child is in the right place according to his/her proficiency; in this way, the new kids start learning the basics while the older kids continue advancing in their acquisition of Spanish.

IMG_2369Third, fourth, and fifth grade students continue learning and practicing the sounds and rhythm of the language through games, songs, poems, and storytelling. However, they are mature enough to start understanding the language itself; they learn grammar, they read and write small paragraphs in Spanish, and they find connections with their own language.

I am excited to continue being part of the education of Bixby students and to have the opportunity to introduce them to the Spanish language and culture.

Hasta la próxima,

María Gamboa
Spanish teacher