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Sports Field

FullSizeRender(4)We are so blessed to have such beautiful grounds here at Bixby School! Besides the gardens, lower yard and the picnic areas, my favorite outdoor space is the Sports field. With the views of the flatirons (and the weather that comes over them), the shade of the blue spruce trees, the sunny grassy area, and the sweet smelling honeysuckle bushes, it is impossible for anyone to suffer from nature deficiency!


After lunch, 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to play in this rich natural setting. We begin with a 10 minute organized game. Through a democratic process, the students vote on the game of the day. This gives them the chance to play and cooperate with all their classmates. Different games work better with larger groups and are not usually played in small Sport classes. Some of the favorites include Capture the Flag, Kickball and Cross Over China Wall. After the game, students have the remainder of their time for free play.


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I recently asked some students what their favorite part of Sports field time was and their responses were:
” I like that we get to hang out with our friends.”- Autumn
” Sports field has more space and freedom to run.”- Jack
” I like to build fairy houses with nature.”- Charlotte
” My favorite is the 10 minute game, Kickball is so much fun!”- Josie
“There are less restrictions then on lower yard.” – Diego
“During free play, you can do whatever you want, sell insurance, play a game or just go crazy.” – Hunter


Fun, freedom and the outdoors- a great combination !!!